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Social Security Disability

Obtaining your Social Security Disability Benefits can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. It is important to know that you can call Roberts and Roberts at anytime and we will answer all of your questions.
How much does it cost to talk with you?
Talking with us about your situation is free. Please call us at 720-684-4378 or e-mail us at with any questions you may have.
I am disabled and out of work, how can I hire an attorney?
There is no out of pocket cost to you. When we win and you receive your benefits, you are entitled to benefits from the day you filed for benefits. It can take up to two years to win your case; we receive a % of your disability benefits. If you are not awarded benefits, there is no charge to you.
When can I apply for benefits?
If you have any mental or physical condition that will prevent you from working for a 12 month period of time, you can apply for benefits, even if you are currently on sick leave or receiving workers compensation benefits.
How do I apply?
You can visit your nearest social security office, go on line at or call 1-800-772-1213.
How can I improve my chances of winning my claim?
Give honest and complete information. Take your time in filing out the job and medical worksheet, give them accurate and complete information about your illness, education and work history.
How much will I receive in benefits?
Your amount of benefits is based on how much you have worked or earned in past years. If you have not worked in a while, are a widow or have been home more than five years raising children, please call us and we will explain your eligibility to receive benefits.
How long does it take Social Security to make an iniital decision about my benefits?
Usually about four months.
What do I do if I am denied benefits?
This is the time to contact Roberts and Roberts, we can help and advise you with the appeal process and greatly increase your chance of receiving your benefits. Do not be surprised, if you are turned down for benefits. At least 50% of claims are disapproved at the initial level. Read your denial letter carefully and file an appeal within the time limits given. Do not wait. Contact us or your social security office as soon as possible to file your appeal. Failure to act within the time limits can severely hamper your ability to receive your benefits. When you file an appeal your claim will be reconsidered. Your case will be sent to a different disability examiner for a new deicison. Unfortunately, 80% of the time claims are denied at reconsideration.
What if I am denied at reconsideration?
Do not be discouraged, contact us and we can apply for a hearing. The next step is to have a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. We will obtain all of your medical records and job records to prepare for your hearing. The hearings are fairly informal. We will prepare you for the hearing and be with you every step of the way. There is no jury, at the hearing the administrative law judge will ask you some questions about your ability to work and your present medical condition. A vocational expert may be there to testify. Statistically, over half of the claimants at hearing will be awarded their social security benefits. It takes time and patience but most claimants eventually receive the benefits that they are entitled to.
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